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Channy is an awesome Asian who has no stereotypical Asian traits, and instead has Swedish ones.
Swedish: Det Channy äter Svensk choklad.
English: That Channy is eating Swedish chocolate.
by TheBrociety June 25, 2010
The pairing of Chad Dylan Cooper and Sonny Monroe from Sonny with a Chance, which many fan girls are obsessed with.
In the beginning they had a love/hate relationship which was mildly entertaining, yet a little annoying. People say opposites attract, but maybe this pairing is too different. Which may be why their relationship in season two didn't work out.
Obssesed Fan girl: OMG, Did you see Channy's kiss in the episode Sonny With a Chance?! OMG, I LOVE Channy!

Me: Eh, I think Channy is overrated. Chad would be much better with Tawni.
by xXaRandomPersonXx June 09, 2011
Referring to one who is morbidly obese, or has eaten a close relative.
Guy: "I am running for president, any tips?"

Guy 2: "Yeah let Channy vote for you so you can get a 10 person lead."
by IDontwantthis September 02, 2010
The love/hate relationship between Sonny Munroe and Chad Dylan Cooper in Disney's "Sonny With A Chance"
A: "Did you see last nights "Sonny With A Chance"?

B: "Yes. But there was absolutely no Channy. They didn't even see each other in the whole episode!"
by untilyourmine975 February 16, 2010
This term is commonly used to describe someone who has a mangina, its a purely derogatory word, despite this it can replace any adjective or noun as a part of a sentence.
wow, your eyes are sooo channy
a replacement of the word "chance", only used in the phrase "no channy"
theres no channy of catching him.
by hdoglitherland February 19, 2007
Referring to one who is morbidely obese, and/or has eaten a close relative.
EX 1:
Person 1: "Hey i'm running for president, any tips?

Person 2:"Yeah let channy vote for you so you can get a 10 person lead."

Ex 2:
Martin: "I saw it, i saw this huge hideous creature walking toward me!"

Gabe: Oh, thats just channy air drying.

Channy: Giggidy
by Pej-e March 30, 2009
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