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A large hole in the ground created by a channy when he wants to lay eggs.

Perry: "Hey gabe, how did you get to school today?"

Gabe: "I took the Channy way"
#channy #fat #obesity #ugly #stupid
by Pej-e April 01, 2009
To be someone who has slept with the entire boys' football team.
Person 1: "Dude look at Gabe, he's such a haynes!"
#haynes #gabe #ugly #channy #fat
by Pej-e April 19, 2009
Referring to one who is morbidely obese, and/or has eaten a close relative.
EX 1:
Person 1: "Hey i'm running for president, any tips?

Person 2:"Yeah let channy vote for you so you can get a 10 person lead."

Ex 2:
Martin: "I saw it, i saw this huge hideous creature walking toward me!"

Gabe: Oh, thats just channy air drying.

Channy: Giggidy
#obese #fat #ugly #overweight #chunga
by Pej-e March 30, 2009
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