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Anything that involves a similar effect of opening a bottle of champaigne and having it foam around its neck, or spilling the foam a certain distance away.
The girl was jacking her boyfriend off, and suddenly he started champaigning all over her.

As soon as we walked over the manhole, the lid came off and it started champaigning everywhere.

He champaigned whip cream all over his head with a pressurized can.
by Dias_Brazil August 01, 2013
Promoting the values & ideals of the top 1% of a nation's earners. Often done by drinking expensive beverages with them in lavish rooms, normally behind closed doors and usually in the total absence of the media's cameras & microphones.
Despite new campaign-financing restrictions, the champaigning has continued, with massive contributions coming from Brand-X, whose CEO Candidate-Y recently appointed as Finance Minister.
by NoFeetSmell October 11, 2011
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