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1. Amazing; Skilled
2. Smart
1. That trick was so tall!
2. How did you do that math homework? You're so tall.
by IOFT April 18, 2011
It's Only F*cking Tuesday

It's a term used to express the feeling of going through a long Monday and realizing there's still a lot of the week left.
"Ugh! IOFT!"
"Ugh! It's only f*cking Tuesday!"
by IOFT October 16, 2012
The detached mental state that Asian students acquire during a rigorous finals week that often includes limited senses.
"Look at all of the Asian zombies. They're just shuffling their feet and running into things. Must be finals week."
by IOFT December 30, 2014
An episode of extreme emotion, typically anger and frustration, associated with the intense stresses brought on by being in the Electrical and Computer Engineering programs
"Bob had his ECE Freak-out! Hey threw his pencil down and stormed off yelling about his homework!"
by IOFT December 30, 2014
A condition exhibited in low-income caucasian teenage females in which the subject's forehead appears full, puffy, and covered in cheap makeup.
I left swiped that chick because of her unattractive poor girl forehead
by IOFT March 05, 2015

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