The town where fun goes to die. Living in Chambersburg is similar to masturbating to the same porn site every night. Its fun the first time you go there, but every time after your left sitting in your bedroom with a limp and messy dick wallowing in self petty. Things locals do for fun are but not limited to, drinking coffee at Denny's, getting the shits at Waffle House, listening the local mind numbing christian bands, and attempting/succeeding in suicide.
Guy 1: Last night I went to Chambersburg to get some pussy!"

Guy 2: Jesus Christ how did that go?!

Guy 1: Terrible, I tried to screw this hot chick, but she was so boring my dick went limp. I ended up going home and jerking off, but it was tough because my tears kept getting in the way. I'm never going back there again.
by Dot Head Donkey Nuts April 13, 2011
Top Definition
The most boring place in the world. The only fun thing to do is break laws. This is only fun when you don't get caught. Activities include smoking, drinking, partying, trespassing, cow tipping, ect. Located in a rural setting, where the majority of the population is illiterate. Positive, home to many whootys and kinky people. Since they have to be creative so they don't get bored.
I drove to Chambersburg last night. I had the craziest time, but got bored after one night. I don't understand how people live there.
by bigbootyjudy! January 08, 2011
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