An individual who is very pompous and condescending
"Not every British person is a stuck-up chafe, Sammy"
by TwiceStyle June 26, 2013
stuff, things, possessions, crap, belongings
Why do people keep their Christmas chafe out all year? Good Chafe!
by SB28 February 16, 2010
Something that rubs you the wrong way, and chafes you. Although your skin is not actually chafed, a person or disruption to a good situation, is a chafe.

A chafe can also be exclaimed as a buzz kill. "Oh, what a chafe! The dvd is scratched and right at my favorite part of the movie!"

Brett: I'm looking forward to dinner with you tonight!

Jennie: Listen, Roberta's in town, and I told her she can come, I hope that doesn't chafe you out.

Brett: No, that's okay- we're cool. I'd like to see Roberta- the more the merrier.
by Katie Re September 14, 2005
Can be used as a rhyming word to express ones like for something / how cool this particular subject is.
Sophie: ''Hey James, I just got free tickets to see Jimmy Eat World'' (can be any other subject)

James: ''Woah!,Safe as Chafe''
by JwSh April 01, 2007
a form of payout; like callin someone a loser
"Stop it you fat chafe"
by stain_51 June 06, 2006
to chafe: to be as annoying as a rash around the genetals.
This assignment is such a chafe. To hell with it, let's get wasted.
by Anonymous February 25, 2003
A very infectish diesese towards the genatles. May cause bumps, testicular cancer, bad itch and swetty ballz
That chick just gave me chaves
by Ricky Bobby2132453 June 01, 2010

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