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n. derives from the word bane, which is used to describe a cigarette.
Wolfbane is a form of cigarette that contains cannabis.
a joint.
'son, pass me that wolfbane man I want to get high'
by InvAsianOfPrivacy February 13, 2010
Alternative for the word fucked, used amongst those who's parents dislike foul language. Orginates from a mispronunciation of fucked, when fucksed accidentally slipped out.
Oh dude, too many wolfbanes, I'm Foxed.
by InvAsianOfPrivacy December 03, 2010
slang for thank you, a way of saying or giving thanks.
Derives from the phrase nice one.
a lazy alternative replacing the two words nice one with one simple word.
also swanton bomb which is an extension to this word inspired by the wrestling move created by Jeff Hardy.
'pass me that wolfbane, *he passes*

'here's your money you cunt', 'swan'
by InvAsianOfPrivacy February 13, 2010
An alternate slang word invented by an Usman and a Hussain during the consumption of a WolfBane. The word is now quickly being spread and used by several students studying at London Universities (predominantly City University).
It is an alternate word for safe, best described by Author KitSteel.
variations include chafety, chafety bells, chafety pins.
'Chafe dude, catch you later'
by InvAsianOfPrivacy February 13, 2010
n. an alternative slang word to describe a cigarette.
'Can't believe they stop us smoking banes in Pubs'
by InvAsianOfPrivacy February 13, 2010
noun (Huss-ayn)

(1) a man of noble rank or possibly your biological father.

(2) (Hussain) a title given formally to the man who sleeps with your mother.
(3) (the Hussain) the asian sensation.

(4) a master or ruler or both or all of the above or Masturbator.

(5) (Hussain) a name for God or Christ.
'That guy stole your bitch, what an Hussain!'
by invAsianOfPrivacy February 10, 2010
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