When the Supreme Court of the United States agrees to hear a case. Short for the latin "certiorari" meaning "to send up the record."
We were happy to hear the Supremes granted cert in Lawrence v. Texas.
by J. Muskratt June 17, 2005
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A female that is visually unpleasing to regarde.
"Hey, have you seen Susan Boyle lately?"

"No, i'll go out on a limb and still assume she's a cert right?"
by moleman12345 September 21, 2011
to be certain

to be glad

teacher : there is no school on monday

Paul: oh cert cert cert certy cert cert
by kaz-kidd June 21, 2009
Correctional Emergency Response Team
Active the CERT Team we have a Riot.
by Yourused October 04, 2007
Certificates or other documentation that can significantly qualify one for a better/decent job. Often of a technical computer/networking nature.
Fuck, getting my A+ cert was easy as hell to get after that course.

Congrats, I just spent 3k on a course to get my networking certs.
by letfireraindown November 16, 2010
To certify or to show off something for example your wealth.
Damn these new loafers I bought cert my pocket.
by Forces July 20, 2006
Depending on the circumstances, a short form for
1) A certificate
2) A concert
3) Certain
1) did you pick up your cert from the gym?
2) Did you go to Enrique's cert?
3) So Bush won again? I thought Kerry was a cert...
by Gunkglumb June 06, 2005

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