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Is someone who is unswervingly loyal and always humble. The name is often used when naming the nicest person in the world. They have awesome taste in music and always dress eccentrically. They are all around cool. Another name for Caylie would be Lydia or Howard. Those are great names to define this type of person.
"Caylie is my best friend"

"no way, she's MINE"

"geeze, Caylie must be awesome if everybody wants to be her best friend"
by SwitchfootGirl February 04, 2010
A very gifted person. Beautiful, funny, clever, bright, and irresistible in her own way. Many people want to be her friend and anyone who IS her closest friend is one of the luckiest people alive! Super smart and has a great laugh. This person is usually ver generous and has a great sense of style. People are generally jealous of Caylie, but love her so much, they couldn't care less.

Oh yeah, and her teeth and hair are mot likely perfect.
Girl 1: You know Caylie, right?

Girl 2: Of course! EVERYONE knows Caylie! She's sooo sweet and cool!
by Minicooper<3 May 27, 2011