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When one is to shove their head into a woman's anus during sexual intercourse.
dave: i totally got some last night man
ryan: yeah dude?
dave: yeah i went cave diving, fuckin mess!
by lordboshington December 21, 2009
eating a girl out while she is taking a shit on the toilet.
cave diving last night went kinda shitty.
by pha que March 30, 2011
When you're about to cum you place your ball sack inside a woman's vagina and try to shoot your load into her belly button while at the same time it increases pleasure.
Jason: Heard what happened to Bryan last night?

Brandon: No what happened?

Jason: He went cave diving with Melissa!

Brandon: Sick man, he probably got a hole in one.
by OriginalMacker August 19, 2011
the art of performing analingus on another mammal. Sexual orientation not with standing.
Robert was checking out Keith's hind quarters and said "I'd really like to go Cave Diving up in that"
by DreadTek December 20, 2007
cave diving generally means to fuck but specifically means to fuck a bucket minge
gary:id love to go cave diving in that bitch
by synyster666 January 16, 2009
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