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When a hell-hole hits a cataclysm.

This word was coined by Jon Stewart on The Daily Show on October 3, 2006.

Republican senator Linsey Graham's comments from the Daily Show clip:

"If it is seen that our country is trying to define the Geneva Convention to meet the needs of the CIA, why can't every other country redefine the Geneva Convention to meet the needs of their secret police? It would be a disaster."

Jon Stewart's response:

"Yes, a disaster, as opposed to what we have in Iraq now. Uh, what's it called when a hell-hole hits a cataclysm? A, uh... catastrofuck.


I just coined that, didn't I?"
Friend 1: Wow, have you heard about the latest shit going on in Iraq?

Friend 2: Yeah. What a catastrofuck.
by Eric D on the MIC October 04, 2006
A catastrophic screw up of gigantic proportions. A monumental mistake resulting in unimaginable damage.
Upon jumping out of the airplane, the skydiver reaches for the rip cord to pull the parachute--only to discover he's wearing his back-pack containing a sleeping bag. This terrible catastrofuck will cause him to quickly plummet to his death rather than gently glide to the ground.
by MrEguy October 04, 2006
Impulsive Sex which leads to disastrous consequences
"so why did they split up?,they have a kid together for christ sake"
"well apparently he had sex with his ex girlfriend and she found out and kicked him out"
"wow, total catastrofuck"
by lowgold December 07, 2011
A word first used (to my knowledge) by John Stewart, host of the awesomely successful "The Daily Show With John Stewart" on Comedy Central. Combining the words "catastrophe" and "fuck," Stewart created a word describing:
1. A catastrophe with a solution so unforeseen, that it's tangled in a web that no man (or government) can reach it.

2. A bad situation that resulted in an awkward and unintentional sexual encounter.
"The war in Iraq has become a total catastrofuck!"
"Man, last night, I was so drunk, I think I catastrofucked!"
by Patches O'Malley June 19, 2009
The punctuation symbolizing when a hell-hole hits a castrophe:


Coined by Jon Stewart.
"Holy Christ! That's the biggest car crash I've ever seen at a children's hospital;...( What a Catastrofuck!"
by Shira__ January 03, 2007
When a Hellhole meets a Cataclysm.
"What is it when a hellhole meets a cataclysm... Oh yeah, a catastrofuck" ~Jon Stewart
by Kurobei October 03, 2006
Iraq, circa 2006.

First coined by Jon Stewart on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show". In his words, "when a hellhole hits a cataclysm".

"The situation in Vietnam during the late 60s and early 70s can best be described as a catastrofuck."
by Edokko October 04, 2006
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