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Worse than the worst possible situation you can imagine.
"What do you call it when a hellhole hits a cataclysm? Oh yes...a catastrofuck. I just coined that phrase, didn't I?"
-- John Stewart
The Daily Show
by Shinarae Lluminus October 03, 2006
25 32
When a hellhole meets a cataclysm.
Thanks to our buddy George W. Bush, Iraq has turned into a catastrofuck.
by Bryan RH October 03, 2006
21 29
Coined by Jon Stewart on The Daily Show on 10/4/06. Referring to the worsening situation in Baghdad, he asked: "What do you get when a Hellhole hits a Catastrophe? A Catastrofuck!"
Iraq courtesy of George W. Bush -- a total catastrofuck!
by brightorbz October 05, 2006
21 31
When a Hellhole hits a cataclysm
"If it is seen that our country is trying to redefine the Geneva convetion to meet the needs of the CIA why can't every other country redefine the Geneva convention to meet the needs of their secret police, it would be a disaster." "Yes a disaster, as opposed to what we have in Iraq now.. ah what's called when a Hellhole hits a Cataclym? A... ah.. Catastrofuck."
12 22
When a hell-hole meets cataclysm.
Coined by Jon Stewert.
What we have now in Iraq is a Catastrofuck.
by Obie October 04, 2006
21 31
A complete policy failure that leads to widespread destruction and loss of prestige. Coined by John Stewart 10/3/06 in reference to the Bush administration's efforts in the middle-east.
What began as an effort to project power into a strategically important area of the world has devolved into a complete catastrofuck.
by Vernon T October 04, 2006
12 24
When a hell-hole meets a cataclysm. Coined by Jon Stewart on The Daily Show when talking about the situation in Iraq.
If the war in Iraq becomes in any worse, it will have become a complete Catastrofuck.
by Raynar October 05, 2006
16 29