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n. the result of a hellhole hiting a catastrophe.

see also: catastrophuck
John Stewart said that the war in Iraq was a catastrofuck.
by Joe Fedcamp October 03, 2006
When a hellhole hits a cataclysm
"A disaster, as opposed to what we have in Iraq now...uh, what's it called when a hellhole hits a cataclysm...a catastrofuck."
-Jon Stewart
by Matt October 04, 2006
(n.) When a hell-hole meets a cataclysm. (First coined by Jon Stewart on The daily Show.)
R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet" is not just a massive and smelly shitstain, it's a catastrofuck.
by Jen Pena October 04, 2006
When a hellhole hits a cataclysm.
This is a bonafide nuclear catastrofuck.
by Gutierrez October 04, 2006
A catastrophic screw up of gigantic proportions. A monumental mistake resulting in unimaginable damage.
Upon jumping out of the airplane, the skydiver reaches for the rip cord to pull the parachute--only to discover he's wearing his back-pack containing a sleeping bag. This terrible catastrofuck will cause him to quickly plummet to his death rather than gently glide to the ground.
by MrEguy October 05, 2006