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A text message most commonly sent to some one who has suddenly stopped replying in a text message conversation.
Tom: So anyway, would you mind if I borrowed your biology lab notes?
Emmi: (No response)
Tom: What's the matter? Cat got your thumbs?
by Tucker Maile September 02, 2008
When someone doesn't text you back after you text them, you text them "cat got your thumbs?". It's a play on "cat got your tongue?", which is an idiom used to compel someone to speak who is unusually quiet.
Sam texts: "Hey what's up, I'm in your hood"
No response....
Sam texts: "Cat got your thumbs?"
by dantechulo September 16, 2008
–adjective 1. temporarily deprived of the ability to think of a resonce, while texting, by strong emotion, physical weakness, exhaustion, etc.
You never responded to my text about being pregnant. What's the matter, cat got your thumbs?
by nugmonster February 22, 2009
an expression of surprise caused by the failure to respond by the other half of an SMS conversation
What's up dude cat got your thumb?!
by Barry Lloyd July 20, 2005
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