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A very sexy person often seen with at least 5 chicks at a time very smart and handsome
Wow cassius is so hot i wish he would take his shirt off.
by soooobeautiful November 22, 2009
One of the best House music performers on the world. Their single "I love you so" from 2010 is pure awesomeness. Also in many very good remixes. Their LP named 1999 made in 1999 is also very good thing to check.

Also male name. As have Muhammad Ali (Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr)
That is Cassius!
by Angelo The Best September 26, 2012
French House band, of a rare quality.
First album "1999" from the same year, you will be amazed by the quality of their productions.
Second album is fine too. Check the hit single " The sound of violence".
Wow, you know that band called Motorbass, which released the first's French Touch 's album (Pansoul - 1996) ? Well, they're back with their new project : Cassius ! Damn, if I can't afford it, i'm gonna steal it.
by Armoire-Henri February 04, 2009
Egomaniac, who is insecure and lacking in intellect. Often seen with cretins and other idiots
Everybody hide! that cassius is coming.
by dr. feelgood February 28, 2005
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