The hottest R&B singer to have ever walked the earth. Easily beats out Ciara, Rihanna, Beyonce, or any other R&B singer out there. She may be talentless as a singer, but most men are too busy focusing on her incredibly sexy bod, perfect face and lips, and tantalizing dance movements to criticise her musical ability.

Posed nude for Allure magazine, granting heaven on earth to horny 20somethings everywhere.
Guy 1: Oh my GOD I wish I could fuck Cassie
Guy 2: Who?
Guy 2: Help I've been shot!
by truestnigga June 17, 2008
A book by Stephen King.
The author of Cassie is Stephen King.
by Addie777 November 16, 2006
Ca·ssie Ka-cee
1.) Pertaining to whore like behavior
2.) Sandy Vagina
3.) Pertaining to the odor similiar to the Mediterranean sea
"It smells like Cassie in here"
"You acted like a Cassie at that party last night"
by poopieeee April 28, 2007
Stalker, and a n00bser. shes mean cause shes friends with nick and shes mean to nice people. (idiots) shes going to hell.
Cassie stalked me through Iceland, it was pretty scary.
by M4ttst3r February 07, 2006
A girl who trys to steal peoples boyfriends and always turns out to be a backstabber. Cassies are not to be trusted and they resemble a slutty Chewbacca.
A Cassie gets passed around like an unwanted cold.
by Sator Kaw March 06, 2009
Anyone who is loud, irrational, and rather obnoxious. Also typically shows an eagerness for tabletop roleplaying games but despite the amount of time played and possesion of material, never gets the rules down and stoops to constantly asking the others questions.

Also an example of someone who is obscenely fat. When such a person speaks, the noise either resembles that of an irate chiuaua or a noise akin to what Cthulhu would make.

Is the type of person that people frequently don't want to spend time with but do so anyways due to a lack of resolve.
What a cassie.

That person is such a cassie.

Nobody wants to hang out with a person that acts like a cassie would.
by No person in particular August 21, 2008
The prettiest thing ever she is so pretty that all the guys love her
Did u see Cassie the other day,she looked perfect.
by I like skittles September 05, 2015

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