Someone who likes to shove cheetos up her nose and bark like a walrus
that shit cray, she totally a cassidee
by dirty hoe69 October 07, 2012
Top Definition
Cassidee is a very pretty girl, she has blonde hair and is a people person. She loves to hang with friends and have a good time. She is backwoods barbie type and is just fun to be around. She has a sibling, and usually has dogs and cats both. She will be a teacher someday or even a famous movie star. People love her appearence and often get jealous of her "fabulous" style.
She walks into a room.
Some random dudw: Oh, she is gourgeous her name must be Cassidee.
by ctuck February 28, 2015
Crazy girl with crazier hair. Often used to describe a friend you love but would also like to run over with a steamroller.

Multiple times.
I could just kill her, she's a total Cassidee.

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