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A Quaint little village outside of Chicago where the Police Force outnumbers the civilian population 3 to 1, and there is nothing else for the kids to do but hang out at fast-food chains and sneak in alcohol. The Cary, IL Taco Bell is the 3rd most profiting Taco Bell in the US. The majority of the town's population travels to Chicago (Greatest, CLEANEST, City in the World) where they get sufficiently inhebriated and rarely make it home on the weekends. An entirely residential town, house parties are the activities of choice, and you can always tell where the party was at over the weekend by checking the police blodder. For whatever reason the children of Cary have blind ignorant pride for there village and will die defending its honor. But when among all Natives, the phrase , "This town fucking blows" is thrown around as much as Minority Jokes (Frequently).
Gio: Cary Football fucking rules....Fuck those Crystal Lake pussies, we rape there mothers while they watch like whining bitches.

AJ: Truth be Told! So what are we gonna do tonite?

Gio: I don't know, wanna go throw rocks at the Mexicans?

AJ: Twice in one week is enough, lets go get faded at TB (Taco Bell).

Gio: This town Fucking Blows.

AJ: Truth be Told!

by The A-Train July 18, 2006
Consolidation Area for Relocated Yankees.

Located just south/southwest of Raleigh, NC.
Not sure why, but Cary seems to have an awful lot of uptight yankees there.
by Gloria Butterworth May 21, 2006
A wealthy town just outside of Raleigh, NC. Known for its country clubs and soccer moms driving luxury SUVs. Best public school is Green Hope. Otherwise the kids go private schools at either Cary Academy or Cardinal Gibbons. Town with the highest percentage of PH.Ds in the country. Housing is very expensive though. Especially in the nice areas (Preston, McGregor, Regency). If you can afford it, rated as one of the best places to raise a family in Forbes.
Person 1: I wish I could afford to live in Cary. Those homes are so pretty.
Person 2: I agree, and the schools are wonderful too.
by asdfjkl; asdfjkl; April 28, 2008
A beautiful girl who is lovely to everyone. Most likely to have brown hair, green eyes and love singing and dancing.
I love carys! She's amazing at everything!
by Ladies man 108 October 06, 2011
A person who is a bit of a geek, but a cool one at that. Always manages to make you smile, and has best friends way older than her cus she's cool. Easy to talk to, and usualy ginger. Mostly found hanging around in town, and usualy manages to get Faceache. A shortened version would be a 'Car' and also means 'Fringe'
Corrr, that girl is such a Carys, why can't i be such a cool geek like her?
by Mego :) March 07, 2009
A Carys is a really pretty girl with amazing eyes, they are often found In Wales writing and singing, Carys is an amazing person with many prefix's such as Lady Carys and Amazing Carys..

Another definition is someone who is missing, or broken there toothbrush..
I'm a Carys :(
by SenoirSid July 20, 2011
A beautiful young lady with lots of talent.

Her long brown, curly hair and her large brown eyes you could fall into
One of those people who would do anything for anyone.

Usually Welsh, Serbian, or Italian.

Also Athletic, and would do anything to make your day better.
I love Carys & if you know a Carys you'll easily fall in love with her too
Your name is Carys? Please Marry me?
by Kiddyto February 15, 2012
A realy fun person to be around who may be abit of a geek, but also someone who you can allways count on to make you smile. Faceache, one simple word describes this person; She is a cool person who you can allways count on to be there when you need it the most.
Carys, Wow she is amazing, she has helped me through some bad time's :-)
by Guesswhoiam33 June 19, 2010