Carys is a crazy fellow that is obsessed with Uggs, Starbucks, and Vineyard Vines. She will often have loony dreams and want to share everything she has experienced. If this happens, make sure to have a hard hat with you to prevent brain damage. Otherwise, Carys is very beautiful and is a great friend. You will be lucky to have her in your life. Sometimes she may be a poosh, but overall she will be fine.
Here comes Carys! Do you have your hard hat?
by SwaggyTaco February 22, 2015
Contained (or contaminated) Area for Relocated Yankees.
"geez there seem to be a lot of Yankees around here."
"that's because we're in Cary."
"oh yeah."
by Mandi08 May 29, 2008
1. Complete utter stupidity; lacking much, if any, intelligence.

2. Selfish, or, Taiwanese. Same difference.

3. Small penis; schlort.

4. Un-justified narcasism; like those people on American Idol that think they can sing, swear they KNOW they can sing. But, they CAN'T sing. Completely oblivious to reality.
1. Samson pulled a Cary when he chose to use his cell block's fifi without so much as changing the glove. He was even surprised when he started pissin fire two days later.

2. It was very Cary of Tad to ask his "friends" for $100 a ticket, when everyone knew he only paid $80.

3. They're just hating because they don't have schlocks like JNS, they just have a tiny little Cary in between their legs.

4. The owner of KGS is such a Cary, he's a cock sucking little bitch who likes it in the ass. I heard his mom is a whore who passed down her AIDS to him, he said he was HIV positive about it.
by JNSphoLYFE February 05, 2010
The most amazing boyfriend a girl could ever have.
anybody would be so lucky to have him.
im the happiest girl on this planet because i know he's mine <3
by macyiscarysgurlfran July 10, 2008
cary, land of the shady. crucial kegs every weekend. bunk ass partys half the time. stoners rollin threw preston. hotboxed as hell. the great mcdonalds of sketch right down the road. cops on every streat. ur boys goin to jail for his chick dies from x. sid up in the cut hittin the shilaylay. carrying a 5 1/2 ft bong threw school that we made in art. preston kids dropin 10 a g on shwigitymids. the gundom hiroginshaft hittin the bowl of opium in the church parkinglot rite next to cary. wile cary has the second highest per capita cops. bacicaly cary is a multi galixy of uppers downers laughers screamers and all shades of shadyness
cary sid+shilday+shards+bakes=oh damn+ i need a ciggarette
by bames January 24, 2006
A term given to dairy fairies
Cary cary quite contrary
by margarity November 02, 2006
"Cant Afford Raleigh Yet"
god i wish i didnt live in cary, raleigh is so classy and rich"
by la la fo ta ta April 08, 2007
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