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Even though it appears perfect, the teenagers living here are in hell. Most of us have uptight parents with a shitload of money.
Example 1:
Bob: Dude, I hate Cary.
Bobby: Me too.
Bob: I can't wait to get out of this hell.
Example 2:
Mom: Your grades are not good enough!
Son: Sorry Mom, I'm really trying!
Mom: I don't believe that. All the things your Father and I give you, and this is what we get in return!?
Son: ...

by Hannahxoxo December 27, 2008
Short for Gosh darnit.
Basically, a nice way of saying Goddamn.

Kid: Mom! The cookies are burning!
Mom: Gosh Darn!
by Hannahxoxo December 27, 2008

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