An increasingly terrible network which introduced good shows, such as Dexter's Lab, and Samuri Jack, then overdid them. Now, Dexter's Lab is no longer funny. None of the newer versions of any of the cartoons are funny. The reruns still provoke laughter, but the new ones are just sad.
Despite it's lack of humor, Cartoon Network is better than Nickelodeon.
by Cricket June 19, 2004
The network that destroys the sanctity of anime by airing it and whoring it out because they're whores who just want to make more money off pop-culturizing stuff.
Hey you asshole, why'd you have to go Cartoon Network and ruin our ideas?
by Anonymous August 07, 2003
Current home of Family Guy and adultswim (which lately has been sucking more and more).
The only TV I ever watch anymore is Family Guy on Cartoon Network.
by babaloulou November 13, 2003
A Network That Shows fuckin' gay-ass shows until 11pm, when Adult Swim airs. Adult Swim Kicks ass Better than cartoon network does.Oh, and the new toonami (Saturdays,7pm to 11pm)definatly kicks ass as well.
Dude 1:Hey Dude, it's 11pm,Wanna Watch Adult Swim? Dude 2:Hell Yeah! Adult Swim Kicks Fuckin' ass!
by MACI$Sw33T June 21, 2005
A Cable T.V. Network dedicated to airing children's animation. Of course, they think anime is for young chilrem, and it's really not.
So, what do they do? Dub it and water it down. So it sucks, yes it sucks. It's not real anime.
You're better off bootlegging than buying that shit they air.
Powerpuff girls is not anime, never has never will be, its an insult to compare the two. Same with Samurai Jack.
CN are b107(h3Z that ruin 1337 4n1m3.
by Knives July 12, 2003
A Cartoon channel that, while having its share of crappy shows *cough* johnny Test *cough*, is slowly gaining a better reputation whith show like Adventure Time, Regular Show, Sym-Bionic Titans, and MAD (hell, I liked them anyway).
Cartoon Network is WAAAAAAYYYYY better than Nickelodeon
by paxtofettel October 02, 2010
Dear readers,
I am talking about the Phillipine ones, so some shows that I mentioned might not be on the US or other nations.

This kicks ass since 90's, but sucked reccently. I mean, what the heck are they thinking? They were having an anime on the channel and it started to pollute the channel itself! Take note, this is Cartoon Network! The best channel for cartoons! And absolutely NOT Anime Network or something like that. And they removed Dexter's Lab, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, Johnny Bravo, Cow and Chicken, I am Weasel, Codename: Kids Next Door, Xiaolin Showdown, Pingu, Looney Toones, Popeye, My favorite Fridays, and the elder's love the Adult Swim in exchange of some crappy shows (mostly anime) such as Powepuff Girls Z, Naruto, Bakugan, Squirrel Boy, Mirmo, and that oh-so-horrible-and-overrated Ben 10, and lots of Ben 10 and Tom and Jerry marathons. They also put some of your old favorite cartoon cartoon shows at midnight. 2007, The era of CN City is forgivable, because the bumpers are super lovely and the Adult Swim is there, But when the era lasted on 2008, I feel don't like watching the channel anymore. It is now made of suck. I would prefer watching non-stop extreme wrestling instead.

Much Love,
Damn it, I wished they remained that CN City era forever, and those old school cartoons. Cartoon Network, you failed us in the year of 2008. I only watched Thumb Wrestling Federation these days..
by K- Project May 08, 2009
The best place to go if you want reruns of every cartoon ever made before 1981 (only a few of which don't suck ass), gay faggot shows such as "Cow and Chicken", reruns of wastes of ink and film that are ACTUALLY called modern cartoons, reruns of films, and of course, horribly "edited" versions of anime which will be rerun at the halfway point because Cartoon Network was too cheapass stingy to buy the whole fucking series. And, of course, 60 hours of DragonBall Z every goddamn week(even though Dragonball is anime, it's in a seperate category thanks to Cartoon Network's broadcasting it to death).
Cartoon Network is pure shit that satisfies the Soccer Mom's sick vision of Thought Policing every hman being on the planet.
by Mad Cat MechWarrior May 16, 2003
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