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To be exceedingly slow, in the manner of a horse pulling a heavily-laden cart.
Steve: "Jon isn't very fast."

Tom: "He's carted mate."
by jon88 March 23, 2009
To simultaneously Cough and Fart at the same time. The fart is usually explosive, so be careful. Do not do this at work.
"i carted so hard today at the checkout at Walmart." "I'll bet I can Cart louder than you!", "I think I Carted a hole in my underwear."
by Wordermeister121 March 01, 2014
when you see a selfish inconsiderate person blocking an aisle in a store, you shove a shopping cart down the aisle and when it hits them, you yell "hey, if you weren't blocking the whole aisle it might of missed" and then you run away making your daring escape to sweat victory.
I saw this rude inconsiderate guy blocking an aisle and decided he needed to get carted.
by the aisle protector. February 15, 2010
When you fart and cough at the same time.
When you fart and cough at the same time.

"Man I just carted"
by vmrose August 18, 2007
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