A hot girl with a big additude problem. Thinks she's the hottest thing around town and acts like it when in reality there are many other girls who outshine her in personality and looks.
Caroline, yeah all the guys would say she's mighty fine, But mighty fine only got you somewhere half the time, the other half either got you cussed out or comin up short.

"Man you see that anna chick? She's bangin!"

"Yeah but she's a total caroline, now stephanie that girl is golden"

"Oh you mean the piano playing chick?"

"Yeah man"
by Cik5 August 01, 2009
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Caroline is extremely fine - Most Caroline's have a nice booty - And in some cases use a golden calculator to divide - Fellas love her - Ladies hate her.
Alex: That girl Caroline is a sexy beast
Samantha: Ugh I totally hate her!!
Alex: Did you see that poppin booty ??
Samantha: Eww you pervert!!
Alex: She let me touch her golden calculator
Samantha: That Little Slut!!!
Alex: Getcha Mind out of the gutter
by Beastly January 27, 2008
My favorite girl in the world that is extremely pretty and makes me very happy.
Caroline is amazing and I love being with her.
by Mr. Foiler January 20, 2009
a hot girl that loves to flirt and barely anyone can get her. Girls envy, and boys drool.
"OMG I hate that Caroline" said britany.
"Did you see that caroline?"said brad.
by hsfnjhdscnndffdudn January 17, 2008
the subject of many songs such as "Roses:(Outkast), "Sweet Caroline"(Neil Diamond), and "Caroline, No"(beach Boys, covered by they might be giants). Basically, everyone just loves carolines and they all feel compelled to make music about them.
Caroline must be a pretty hot chick for so many people to love singing about her so much.

Caroline is caroFINE
by mrstylerhansbrough April 06, 2008
An absolutely GENIOUS young woman who is loved by all, and admired by all
Who is THAT?!

Do you even have to ask? Its a Caroline.
by Rock hard65656 November 24, 2008
superfine chick
everyone loves her
and secretly wants her

go tell her bitches
she's hot
Caroline is one superfine chick!
by carolinefarfour January 17, 2008
The definition of sexy.
Your lookin' Caroline today.
by R@anD0m guy March 17, 2009

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