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Some bunk ass weed sold by some cracker jack ass niggas usually contains seeds stems leaves and is dry and crunchy know to cause headaches
The homie: yo this nigga Nathan was tryna sell me some captain crunch it was full of seeds and hedge clippings it fell apart right when i touched it.
ME: Haha the nigga was prolly trying to scrape up some money for a decent hair cut for once haha.
by THE CAPTAIN January 06, 2014
Emocoustic ee-moh-koo-stik (adj.) - Variety of music consisting of emotionally driven lyrics backed by acoustic instruments, usually a guitar.

Edwin McCain is a fine example of an emocoustic artist, and even bands such as Ill Niño and Open Hand have "emocoustic" songs.
"The strands in your eyes that color them wonderful, Stop me and steal my breath, And emeralds from mountains thrust towards the sky, Never revealing their depth"

- Edwin Mccain
by The Captain August 14, 2004
The labia minora, or inner lips, of the vagina; especially those that protrude beyond the labia majora, or outer lips, of the vagina and resemble the tough elastic cartilage of meat.
Damn! I almost choked on that bitch's snatch gristle!!!
by The Captain January 22, 2004
When you jiz on someones toothbrush and the person uses it without knowing.
I just gave Scion Face a Snowy Toothbrush
by The Captain January 24, 2005
Scary, psychotic man who is very, very good looking while being very, very temperamental.
"Oh, damn. It's Alienjack at the door. Hide! Wait, go get it. No, hide!"
by The Captain September 29, 2003

Ruler of the western world.
Smartest man ever.
One in possession of a ballsack.
Ry-ballz really layed the smack down on T-bag.
by The Captain December 20, 2003
A route seldom traveled.

US Highway 69.

Intersects with the Bungchute expressway.
She drove on down the old scrotal highway, but really ran out of steam when it came to the ballsack turnpike
by The Captain December 20, 2003

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