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Singing along with music in a car, especially loudly and passionately.
That long road trip felt a lot (shorter/longer) because of the Caraoke.
by Doctor Science May 25, 2008
7171 1409
Busting out Karaoke in your Car (along with air guitar, air drums and air keyboard)!
Since Jim and Jackie were stuck in traffic, Jim decided to start some CARAOKE! Jackie asked Jim what he was doing and Jim shouted, "CARAOKE, BITCH!"
by S-Bad October 11, 2009
97 60
The art of filming one's self while singing in the car for the purpose of posting it on a video sharing or social networking site.
Susan: Jim posted some Caraoke!

Jill: What song was he singing?

Susan: Does it really matter?
by Jayzion October 16, 2010
5 2
To sing along with the music that plays in your car as you drive... Usually with no limits on the volume and little concern for intonation or pitch... It is best performed with equal energy and enthusiasm, regardless of vehicle's speed, or position of windows/convertible/moon roof top. Level of musical performance should not be influenced by the location or audible range of any other motorist(s) unless said motorist(s) are members of local law enforcement... !

"Nice ride, Man... Your sound system rocks...!"

"Thanx, Bro...! It took me a while to match my CARaoke levels with all of this aftermarket gear, but the groovin' helps with the cruisin' unless the cops are abusin'...!"
by christopher Cherry April 01, 2008
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