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When stoned people get paranoid about something that is not actually happening
Jason: Hey man I think that's the cops knocking on the door, flush the drugs!
Paul: Dude can you stop being so mellowdramatic, that's the kettle.
by Brever July 10, 2010
The period of whinging and general narcissism that occurs when you're coming down off lsd. Usually humorous although the joy is gone.
Candice: ...and now the sun's coming up, could anything else happen to completely ruin my morning?
Ebony: Chill, it's just post acid bitch mode
Candice: Omg, now a stupid bird is chirping!
by Brever December 08, 2010
To vomit profusely after drinking alcohol profusely
Jane: Where is that hot guy who was sculling Jagerbombs?
Mary: He's in the backyard doing a reverse scul.
by Brever July 10, 2010
To fill an area with the smell of your body odour. Like deodorising, but the complete opposite.
Mary: What the hell is that horrific smell?
John: Susan just came back from the gym and beodorised the office.
by Brever February 05, 2010
Fuck I'm Funny - Just Ask Me (Acronym)
John: I need wee wee
Sarah: Why must you be so immature?
John: (lol) Fifjam!
by Brever November 24, 2010
The process of introducing an addative to the eyes in an attempt to disguise being stoned
Katie: Aren't you worried your parents will know your wasted?
Jessica: It's alright; I've clearised.
by Brever August 30, 2010
The rolls of fat on a torso which indicate that the person likes to eat too much. The polite way of raising this with a friend without the fat person becoming aware. Can be defined as upper (above the bra strap), lower (above the belt) or mid (the rarest: between the 2 rolls, commonly appears with upper) Gold Frapp.
Sarah: Omg, check out the mid Gold Frapp!
Wendy: You're not kidding!
by Brever July 11, 2010

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