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8 definitions by Brever

When stoned people get paranoid about something that is not actually happening
Jason: Hey man I think that's the cops knocking on the door, flush the drugs!
Paul: Dude can you stop being so mellowdramatic, that's the kettle.
by Brever July 10, 2010
9 1
The period of whinging and general narcissism that occurs when you're coming down off lsd. Usually humorous although the joy is gone.
Candice: ...and now the sun's coming up, could anything else happen to completely ruin my morning?
Ebony: Chill, it's just post acid bitch mode
Candice: Omg, now a stupid bird is chirping!
by Brever December 08, 2010
4 1
To vomit profusely after drinking alcohol profusely
Jane: Where is that hot guy who was sculling Jagerbombs?
Mary: He's in the backyard doing a reverse scul.
by Brever July 10, 2010
1 0
To fill an area with the smell of your body odour. Like deodorising, but the complete opposite.
Mary: What the hell is that horrific smell?
John: Susan just came back from the gym and beodorised the office.
by Brever February 05, 2010
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Fuck I'm Funny - Just Ask Me (Acronym)
John: I need wee wee
Sarah: Why must you be so immature?
John: (lol) Fifjam!
by Brever November 24, 2010
3 3
The process of introducing an addative to the eyes in an attempt to disguise being stoned
Katie: Aren't you worried your parents will know your wasted?
Jessica: It's alright; I've clearised.
by Brever August 30, 2010
0 1
A failed attempt at a mono or manual while riding a bmx. Usually results in the rider going over backwards.
John: So Katrina, have you learnt any tricks on your new bmx?
Katrina: Well I've aced the mongo.
by Brever July 11, 2010
1 5