Best person you can meet. She can have her moments and they're always hilarious. You get lost in her eyes when she looks at you. with flowing blonde hair that looks great anyway she has it. She has a personality you will fall in love with the second you meet her. She is the person you will never forget. She is one of those people who make the day go by with ease. You wish you could spend all day with her and hate when you have to say bye.
It's time leave, but I don't wanna leave! I love hanging out with Cara.
by Try-hard_98 February 01, 2013
Better than Joe
Cara will always win because she is better than Joe.
by Kshaw March 09, 2013
The most beautiful, godly girl in the world I love her so much and i would do anything for her

I Love You Cara, from Justin Sousa
I'm in love with Cara
by 1234569780 February 26, 2013
A brown haired Latin girl is the only true meaning for such a name, usually Spanish or italian origins. All those Caras of blond stock are from the Irish who stole the name from Latin and claimed it their own, only a true Cara is one who rocks curves and dark features. Spontaneous and romantic this exciting character is worth keeping. If you know a Cara as sexy and interesting as this then you are bound to her loyalty your whole life.
Cara is not spelled with a K, and Caras are not blonde
by Kippertrip October 21, 2013
A girl who loves YouTube and Justin Bieber with all her heart.
Girl- "Cara Is obsessed with Justin Bieber and YouTube."
by The Bestie with boobs February 22, 2015
Cara is a filthy tampon used by a homeless Mexican to stop diarrhea from seeping,oozing,dripping from the anus

Cara can also be a whore who cheats on her man lies to her friends ,a person who is the lowest form of scum on this planet
Ewwe don't touch that cara that shit stinks nigga

Ewe don't fuck with any cunt named cara she got and spread the herpes
by Bleu Satan September 24, 2014
Portuguese term for "face" but also widely used in Brazil (especially Rio) for "man" as in, "What's up, man?" "Tudo bem, cara?" Used with adults and kids.
"What is this dude?" "O que é isso, cara?"

"Fuck this man" "Este é merda, cara"
by Fala Eliscu December 07, 2011

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