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A reliable, trust worthy, caring person. Enjoys laughter and fun and can listen to anyone's problems. Annoying at times, but can be fun and bubbly at others. Shy when meeting new people or being around a guy they like. Music and sports are their lives and they will enjoy being around other people. Will be followed around by some, and follow others at time to time. Many guy friends in all, mostly because drama isn't their favorite thing to listen to. Likes animals, and switches around favorite things a lot. Doesn't think very highly of themselves and will never get over all the flaws he/she has.
Guy 1: Hear what Cara said about herself?
Guy 2: No!
by daisy_picker1 November 11, 2012
the spanish translation of face
Me llamo Juan y tengo una bonita cara.
by cararox August 10, 2007
A tiny lovable girl that is completely amazing. They may be small but don't under estimate them. They can pack a wild punch. Caras are scrappy and unforgettable.
My best friend is such a cara. You don't want to mess with her.
by Super Nacho May 31, 2009
Cara is madd hott and she is best friends with lyn and trish.
Cara, what a hottie
by SeXii BeAsTs July 02, 2004
'Cara' is the ultimate ninja/spy/secret agent/vampire.

Excells in martial arts.

Is usually tempestuous and believes that violence = success, also she can put 4 fingers down.

Has a tendancy to spin Knives in her fingers.
Wow, mrs smith is such a cara!
by exohpandagirl August 21, 2009
A brown haired Latin girl is the only true meaning for such a name, usually Spanish or italian origins. All those Caras of blond stock are from the Irish who stole the name from Latin and claimed it their own, only a true Cara is one who rocks curves and dark features. Spontaneous and romantic this exciting character is worth keeping. If you know a Cara as sexy and interesting as this then you are bound to her loyalty your whole life.
Cara is not spelled with a K, and Caras are not blonde
by Kippertrip October 21, 2013
A woman with the raw power to destroy anything but refrains. She has the grace and patience which the rest of the world can witness, but never have. A guardian angel to all who need. A woman whom's heart is limitless, and will overwhelm you with its beauty.
"You have a Cara in your life? You lucky jerk."
by The Essie August 02, 2014