Cara is irish for dear friend and is one of the dearest friends you could haveShe is sexy and fun and hurt shes to specil to ever even think about hurting her.
Cara is my best friend everyone should have a friendliike cara
#tara #sexy #great #friend #sara
by bobhope123456789 August 11, 2010
Joe, it is why you should stay...because she is awesome
Cara is awesome
#cara #awesome #joe #stay #love
by maldabrroc777 March 21, 2009
a girl who is way too hot
guys want to fuck her and not date her
has yet to find someone who thinks shes ugly
and is damn proud of it
dayumm caras hottt
i wanna fuck that girl so hard
#cara #hot #fuck #kara #cars
by hottshitt72 April 12, 2009
The best, most beautiful person in the world. She has sweet kind eyes and a great sense of humor. She always has her long blond hair in a ponytail but it still looks good. She is the best person in the world and you are missing out if you've never met her. Also she likes cheese cake, root beer, dark chocolate, and jello.
Cara is over there being the best person in the world.
#cara #cool #sweet #nice #awsome
by carterhayes1 May 24, 2011
Actual description of awesome. If you get too close your face will melt off because of her pure epic power. Dya know what they have under the word 'legend' in a thesaurus? They have the name 'Cara'. Not as an antonym but a synonym....well they dont but they should. BECAUSE CARA'S ARE JUST TOO FREAKIN AWESOME
'Cara is too freaking legend'
'I know right!!!?'
#epic #amazing #legend #lol #sup
by theunnamed August 19, 2011
A woman with a breathtaking hiney.
"Did you see the booty on the Cara at the party last night? I mean, that thing was nice. I want to make friends with it."
#booty #butt #hiney #rear #money-maker #hottie #shorty #apple-bottom
by it's anchorMAN not anchorWOMAN February 05, 2010
An ugly junk with no heart or sole.

The lowest possible human form there is before death or rehab.

Incapable of telling the truth or even knowing what the truth is.

Everything it touches turns to shit.

Very Ugly, self absorbed, selfish, evil and basically on par with the thieving Junkie Devil.
Person 1) What's that outside in the gutter?
Person 2) That's the local cara, don't touch it or go near it, it'll sniff out out your money and take you for all your worth.

Person 1) Hey guys, whatever happened to Johnny?
Person 2) Didn't you hear? At the prom he tried some weed, 6 months later....he was a full blown cara, the worst case I ever seen I tells ya.
#junkie #addict #thief #ugly #harpy
by matteroffactnotopinion August 18, 2010
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