Cara is a filthy tampon used by a homeless Mexican to stop diarrhea from seeping,oozing,dripping from the anus

Cara can also be a whore who cheats on her man lies to her friends ,a person who is the lowest form of scum on this planet
Ewwe don't touch that cara that shit stinks nigga

Ewe don't fuck with any cunt named cara she got and spread the herpes
by Bleu Satan September 24, 2014
Cara is a female with very curly hair and is known my some as evil or a devil. Her best and easiet description is a mong. She looks like a mong, acts like a mong and is a mong.
cara: I SURE AM.
by mongymong April 23, 2011
tends to be a ginger who takes her fair share of pictures, they dye their hair to cover the gingerness and end up going every colour anyone can imagine. they are massive flirts and grabs random lads as they walk past and chats the up. however they arnt always the brightest in the box either, but you have to love them.. most of the time when they arn't laughing at pointless things
kid 1: why is that ginger dying her hair
kid 2: maybe she's in denial
kid 3: she is probably a cara
by pingu. February 04, 2012
a large prehistoric bird like creature
The cara was a viscious maneating bird like creature.
by dana McFarland July 10, 2008
dirty whore who takes 10 guys virginity. takes it up the A$$ like a pro. probably has a few stds and some spiders in her vag. if you incounter one of theese few rare hellish creatures run as fast as you can and dont look back.
its called a "cara" gray.
by nigga sauce December 31, 2011
A stupid slut who nobody likes. Someone who tells the WORST stories ever and nobody likes them... they all just pretend to listen and care. She'll give lap dances while she's drunk and when she's sober she has no self-control and will fuck anything that pees. Also known as a bitch.
Did you see Cara last night? She was fucking every guy at that party...twice!
by bromiefs July 25, 2011
A fucking whore, one who thinks shes better than everyone else, a girl whos ass hangs out, one who fucks about 10 guys a day, has a insanely stretched vagina, very big bush, a bitch, likes porn, is a lesbian
cara is a whore and a vagina skank
by iloveyewbby4ever June 20, 2010
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