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Best person you can meet. She can have her moments and they're always hilarious. You get lost in her eyes when she looks at you. with flowing blonde hair that looks great anyway she has it. She has a personality you will fall in love with the second you meet her. She is the person you will never forget. She is one of those people who make the day go by with ease. You wish you could spend all day with her and hate when you have to say bye.
It's time leave, but I don't wanna leave! I love hanging out with Cara.
by Try-hard_98 February 01, 2013
6 4
Fine as hell, got curves in all the right places and from a 1 to 10 is a certified 20. (Usher took that from me, dont get it twisted)
Alicia Keys is my wife, but she sure as hell aint no C-A-R-A.
by Julian July 04, 2004
2098 794
The best name in the world - a tiny Scottish island, the Gaelic for 'friend' and the for Italian 'dear' or 'darling'.
Cara - why would you think it's spelled with a K?
by Cara September 30, 2004
1754 755
The most sweetest, most beautiful to ever exist.
Oh god I love cara so much, I can't get her off my mind!
by Cameron December 31, 2003
1601 669
Cara is the most beautiful human being on this planet. her smile, her eyes, her body, her personality, everything is perfect on her. she makes life worth living. she can bring you love even with only her personality.
im going to move close to cara so i can love her for the rest of my life.
by shea December 06, 2004
1486 570
One of the coolest people I know and love! She's super awesome.
"That chick is no Cara, she's just not cool enough."
by jessi May 15, 2004
1202 506
A woman who is completly trust worthy and respectable, Shes also great in bed.
A persson of greater Power such as a lawyer, doctor, theripist
by Mike Nauss January 27, 2004
1029 427
A wonderful girl who looks exotic and is a great person to me around. They also aren't a stalker, but is very good with guys.
That girl, Cara, she's such a cara! DAEEEUM!
by the person who wrote this April 04, 2004
911 331