An Italian word meaning boss.Usually the boss of an Italian organized crime family or the mafia.
"Warn the Capo, the Bonnano Family has just betrayed him."
by Mr.Peoples January 25, 2003
Top Definition
Caporegime / capo is a name for a captain in the mafia family, the family will consist of many captains and the boss which is a capo crimini.
Lee Saunders is capo of the tetsuo family within england uk.
by ntfx April 03, 2003
A device that is attached to the frets of a guitar to raise the pitch of each string.
He put the capo on his guitar to raise the key for the singer.
by Bob July 05, 2004
A boss in an organized crime, typically La Cosa Nostra (Italian-American mob)
caporegime(lieutenant or captain)
by The Thinker June 21, 2003
Literal translation into the American Language is "Captain". People have used and continue to use this term to characterize a Mafia family member to signify their relevance and importance to their family. A captain "orders" soldiers to do certain tasks needed. Capos get their orders from underbosses, who get them from the family Consigliere, who gets his from the boss.
"Ohhh Paulie, you hear that Giovanni became a Capo!?"
by bada_bing0 April 02, 2008
What you say when you're extremely high (preferably on weed) and somebody says something that's totally fucking out there to the point where you (or the rest of the group) can't even understand it stoned.

Stoned Guy 1: "Monkey squirrel banana sandwhich, it's so fucking hard to type this."

Stoned Guy 2: "Capos?"
by Vin Borges June 19, 2006
A capo is the lazy man's guitar tuner.
Dude 1: Ah man, this song's in standard, and i'm in... whatever you call everything a step down.
Dude 2: No need to re-tune, just put a capo on the first fret!
Dude 1: but now the 12th fret nat. harmonic isnt on the 12th fret.
Dude 2: SHUT UP!
by Iba_nez August 30, 2009
The start of a well known pharse "Capo di tutti capi" which is giberish for "I'm a fat ass motherfucker who fails"

Man 2: what?

Man 3: He's calling himself a fat ass motherfucker who fails.

Man 2: Oh..
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