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Caporegime / capo is a name for a captain in the mafia family, the family will consist of many captains and the boss which is a capo crimini.
Lee Saunders is capo of the tetsuo family within england uk.
by ntfx April 03, 2003
Someone starts on another person in the street or there is major grievance between two people the attacker or defender will make the case known that he is not amused.
Attacker: "look u want some?"
Defender: "ere, dont make me go joe pesci on ya"

Attacker and defender then ensue in an almighty bloody battle to the death on the streets.
by ntfx April 03, 2003
the name for mainly the american mafia, also other offshore italian based mafia organizations, aswell as the huddersfield mafia in england known as the tetsuo family.
the tetsuo family / genovese family are examples of la cosa nostra.
by ntfx April 03, 2003

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