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Derisive name for Canada, reflecting its anti-American sentiment. Coined by Pat Buchanan on October 31, 2002.
In their quest for a worldwide Caliphate, Islamofascists are using Canuckistan as a staging area for future attacks on America.

With friends like Canuckistan, who needs enemies?
#frogistan #eurabia #chiraqistan #dhimmi #dhimmitude #dhimmi carter #fwench
by (I am) John Doe March 19, 2008
see Soviet Canuckistan
He lives in Canuckistan
by Kristoff April 27, 2004
A nickname for Canada due to it's outrageously high population of middle eastern immigrants. Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal are all known for having lots of towel heads and sand niggers.
I live in Canuckistan, and as a white person I am a minority.
#towel head #canuck #paki #racist #sand nigger
by Thoughtstipated November 15, 2006
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