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They are my favourite hockey team in the whole world, and I will cheer for them forever. I am very fortunate and privileged to be able to go to GM Place many times a season. I still have great memories of their early 90's seasons, when I first became a fan.
The Vancouver Canucks give me a warm sense of pride. Go Canucks!
by ThreeTimesOneMinusOne December 06, 2004
One of the best bands to walk the earth. They created the finest album in history, called "Angel Dust", in 1992. All their other albums are classic, too. I have a "The Real Thing" t-shirt, and I just won a "King For A Day... Fool For A Lifetime" t-shirt off eBay, which kicks ass. It would be awesome if they got back together, because I have never seen them live.
Faith No More are kings of rock music.
by ThreeTimesOneMinusOne December 06, 2004
He is one of the greatest players, currently in the NHL and he plays for my favourite team, the Vancouver Canucks.

I was fortunate enough to meet the great captain #19, and get his autograph a couple days ago when he was doing a meet and greet at Best Buy in Coquitlam BC, near Vancouver. He signed my ticket stub from the game I was at where he scored 4 goals versus Pittsburgh. I'll never forget that game and I'll never forget meeting him.
I'll never forget Markus Naslund's final rush up the ice in regulation of Game 7 versus Calgary, which set up Matt Cooke's game tying goal.
by ThreeTimesOneMinusOne December 06, 2004
The greatest, most genius TV show ever known. It's cast and writers are heroes to the world of comedy. Not enough good things can be said about it's 4 seasons and 30 episodes. I was lucky enough to see the live version of this show when it came to Vancouver, and I was also lucky enough to get their autographs.
Mr. Show with Bob and David can't be fucked with.

"Today we're going to... SHAKE THE CRIME STICK!"
by ThreeTimesOneMinusOne December 06, 2004
An awesome player for the Vancouver Canucks who, me being a big fan of him and that team, I can admit that he fucked up bad and he wasn't thinking. He also deservedly paid the price for the incident, as did Steve Moore. This ugly incident will be all that he is remembered for outside of Vancouver for a long time, much like how Bill Buckner is mostly remembered for his error in the 1986 World Series.

Bertuzzi has emerged into a superstar in the NHL, and I hope he can be reinstated after all this trial bullshit and lockout crap ends. I still proudly wear his jersey, much like a lot of people in my city.
All true Canucks fans proclaim "Free Bertuzzi!"

When Bertuzzi gets booed when the Canucks play in Detroit, Minnesota, St. Louis, or Colorado, I actually think it's great and it fires him up.
by ThreeTimesOneMinusOne December 06, 2004
The most overrated band in the world, ever. They had a classic album called the Joshua Tree, which actually was outstanding (but it wasn't even the best album of '87, as that honor goes to Appetite For Destruction), and All I Want Is You was great and had an emotion-stirring video. They had some good singles, too, but no other completely great album. Everybody sucks their asses by calling them the greatest, and the media hypes them up, but they've made a career of making the same mundane, boring song. The Edge has played the same guitar line for years. Bono always tries to act like he is so cool, like when he was mugging for the camera in his sunglasses in that iPod commercial, for one example. He makes me sick with his self-righteousness. Their attempt to rock on the song "Vertigo" sounds like a sterilized and soul-less garage-rock production, as if to say "we want to rock hard, but not too hard that it will drive our fanbase away".
A band like Faith No More could mop the floor with U2.
by ThreeTimesOneMinusOne December 06, 2004
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