The proper title for Eminem, the faggot-ass white rapper who attacks women and George Bush.
WTF, Eminem?! Are you named after a piece of candy; YOU MUST BE A FUCKIN CANDY ASS!
by Union Soldier February 26, 2005
someone who isn't motivated by anything, and refuses to do the slightest amount of work, challenge, or anything that pushes them out of their comfort zone. Most of united states is plauged by candy asses and their shocking poor ethics.

They would rather just sit on the TV and eat candy when they come home from school than doing a sport or acting for drama and do their homework. They just sleep on their weekends instead of doing community service. They give up really easily and dont push themselves. Its very very very very sad.
John is throwing a tantrum about having homework for chemistry that requires two hours of studying: he is a prominent example of a candy ass. He will get nowhere in life.

Greg argues with his mother on Halloween while his brother Harry is trick-or-treating, and Greg eats all of his Reeses and butterfingers while giving him raisins and carrot sticks. Greg is such a candy ass, and needs to be kicked in the ass.
by partyrockstar222 September 06, 2012
A spineless, indecisive sissy courted by democrats with the promise of entitlements and hate crime legislation. The group of candy asses includes prancing poofters, mama's boys, pantywaists, mush wimps, guys who drive chick cars, and residents of Berkeley, California.
That William sure is a Candy Ass. He is so spineless, he wants the government to wipe his nose and be responsible for his failures.
by Tuna Wanda May 28, 2005
An thing, event or day that is or has been a waste of time that results in a feeling of either frustration or boredom.
What a candy-ass day! All we did was watch kids grab each others asses and talk about how the computer teacher's body shape resembles that of a pear.
by ballsacknegro March 03, 2009
A candyass is a male who does not play any sports and is a tool. Candyasses tend to wear tight jeans(gay), flip their hair, and act like questionable homosexuals.
"Hey that guy Ryan from The Real World is such a candyass"-straight guy
"Yeah when I first watched the show I thought he was a girl because his jeans are so tight"-another straight guy
by pookereese August 06, 2010
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