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Candy Ass is a person who is a wimp or acts like a pussy. People who cant take jokes or people who are afraid of something stupid are Candy Asses.
" Are you afraid of the dark ?"
"Your such a Candy Ass"
by TPdaredevil August 03, 2009
Someone who is a prison bitch. Their ass is a source of pleasure for the other inmates.
Hey, Candy Ass, you just dropped the soap. Pick it up!!!!!
by Johnway November 07, 2003
Coward, chicken, pussy, effete cookie-pusher
That candy ass not only wouldn't go to Iraq, he wouldn't go east of Sepulveda
by Octopod November 07, 2003
A brownnose or sycophant or a sandy.
She's a real candy ass
by Anonymous September 15, 2003
Kickass album by the band Orgy.
Orgy's candyass rules. It has the song 'stitches' on it.
by Phil January 23, 2005
I'm thinkin' it might stem from the fragility of candy, how easily shattered it can be when dropped, or how it can melt in both wet environments and hot.
oh go out and play in the rain, have some fun! and stop being such a candy ass, your not gonna melt; you might even like it!
by k. sebastian November 15, 2007
What the basketball coach calls you when you make a mistake or dont tell him that your ready to go back into the game.
Damnit scott your such a candy ass for not doin that play right!!!!!!!
by Scott Stephens February 26, 2004