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A piece of neckware that is supposed to simulate an undershirt, so that one only has to wear the dickie and an overshirt. Were very popular in the sixties, due to the Beatle's use of them. They were mostly starched and bleached, and meant to look like a sweatshirt. The Beatles used them so they wouldn't overheat while performing, but could still look dressed up.
I thought my Starfleet uniform came with one of those cool blue undershirts, but all I got was dickie.
by ElCapitan October 25, 2004
A band from the Pacific Northwest, often shortchanged in history. They were the first band to actively try to distort the guitar, and attempt to be as loud as possible. For thier time they were relatively a-melodic. They released thier first album, "Here Are The Sonics" in 1965. They released one more album, "Boom" in 1966, and then broke up in 1968.
The Sonics were recently in a car commercial with the song "Hav Love Will Travel"
by ElCapitan February 06, 2005
1) To start a trend, be a trendsetter

2) To put a videogame in a videogame console
1) Dude, that kid with the pink shirt totally popped a trend!

2) Pop a trend in there, will you? I need to beat your highscore.
by ElCapitan November 03, 2004
n. computer slang. A program with commands that are put awry on purpose, to create a chaotic program.
This program just makes my computer go to shit, it's all spaghetti logic!
by ElCapitan February 06, 2005
To put music in a music playing device

And to those who would claim this is not real, me and my friends really do say this.
Pop a plant, I'm bored and need some inspiration
by ElCapitan November 03, 2004
Someone who is sweet to the point of pansitude. They want people to kiss thier ass, so they suck up and never fight anything.

SYNONYMS: weenie, pansy, brown-noser, Gamecube User
He is such a candy-ass bitch
by ElCapitan November 03, 2004
1) A device that heats bread until it is crisp, and therefore toast

2) A gun, heat

3) A DVD Player, X-Box, or Music Device. Often used with "Pop a Squat", "Pop a Trend", or "Pop a Plant"
1) Hey, put some pop-tarts in the toaster, will you?

2) I'm packing a toaster, don't mess with me

3) Pop a trend in the toaster, I need to beat your highscore!
by ElCapitan November 03, 2004
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