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uhh... Ginger Ale... duh, like totally fool!!
green bottle, with like a shield and shit ahhh.. yea you got Canada dry
by Stealth0Klown0 April 09, 2006
a drink the gods bestowed upon our great nation... america. gives the user large penile enhancments and permeates the essence of hippness, that hot and horny chicks dig.
1. cory had sex with hot girls... he must drank canada dry

2. Pope John Paul III has a small wee wee, he must not drink canada dry
by tyler & cory July 30, 2005
Aubrey Graham better known as Drake
"You(Drake) ain't wettin nobody, you Canada Dry"
by January 09, 2012
meaning u havent killed anybody murders under the belt .. u havent wet anybody up ... mainly used @ people who claim to be gangsta but they are not ...
common @ drake u aint wet nobody nigga u canada dry ..
by therealest2888 January 19, 2012
A adjective describing when your trying to sex a girl and her vagina is dry as the winter wind.

2nd definition- When a girl doesn't use her vaginal canal for about 20 years and it literally dries out.
That bitch was Canada dry last night.

Hey man, you heard about that new girl Kelly?

Ya man that hoe is Canada dry.
by Could Say Ton Of Shit May 11, 2009
Someone who is a tub 'o' lard, their heritage originates in their native land of CANADA, they wear vans which give you chlamydia and think there poor and wont give you some food.Common names of one are usually andrew or andy-pandy.
"That kid andrew is such a canada dry!"
by tacolover November 16, 2006
1.) A period in Canada, when the weather seems to be dry and a small amount of rainfall is either, unaccounted for or extremely small(MINUSCULE!!!)

2.) Gingerale(EWWw!)
1.) Man canadas dry!

2.) This canada dry really doesnt hit the spot!
by Pope John Paul III April 30, 2005

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