Canada is a country where college kids go if they live too far from Mexico. It's considered nippy at -20 C, but not quite cold until we hit -40 C.
The term peace is not achieved through fighting but through actual peace. Despite the fact that Canada's military is constantly insulted by our Southern neighbours, some still complain that we don't help them out. A country where "God Bless Canada" is not proclaimed every five minutes because we are aware that not everybody follows one belief.
And the boys are still hot without the beer.
Canada is fun. You should do it too!
by Meg February 06, 2004
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A country of fine taste, sexy open women, great beer(which we can legally drink before we're halfway to 40), great weed(which we can smoke without fear) and a damn fine Hockey team. Despite our grudge against Americans(they got more hockey teams) deep down we owe you guys huge. Think about it, Canada-America=Poor People eating potatoes. We are just bitter about Dubya, thats all. Take our beef back, please. Our cows arent that mad! Stop starting wars though Americans, no one likes that. But lets be friends shall we. And we DID burn down the White House. It was British Officers using Canadian troops. But hey, you guys started it. Also, our accents are definatly a lot more ear pleasing then yours. You guys butcher the English language, no offense.
Heres an idea....lets just admit that we love each other. Go Leafs Go!!!
by Random Canadian November 30, 2004
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A country with 1/6th of the economy of america, but 1/10th of the people. A lack of superior military. But we don't need the military, we aren't off starting wars or pissing people off. We are the country that invented peace keeping, the idea of middle powers and socialism. We are multicultured as opposed to the tried and failed melting pot theory (geez, hasnt worked in a few hundred years give it up!). We are a country with $600 billion debt as opposed to the states $600 trillion debt... you may have more toys and seemingly more money but eventually you have to pay it back. A country that promotes education and peace as opposed to war and hatred (for the record i dont blame americans, i blame your president) A country with a working political system, Hello, Bush didn't have the majority of the votes until florida anyway.. and doesnt his brother live there or something? A country with cheap beer good quality beer, fresh water, awesome hockey, and respect.
Canada kicks ass, eh?
by dEsTiNy-aka-Smurf September 05, 2003
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"Good day,eh? I am aboot to go get a new touque coz my cousin ran over mine with his snow mobile, eh? Beauty day for a for smoking some weed, eh? Cheese it, here come the Mounties, eh?"

No one here talks like that
weeds not legal here you idiots!!
by PyroManiac May 05, 2005
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Our friendly, non-imposing and semi-frozen pal up north.
Traveler: I want to vist Quah-beck!!!
Canadian: It's pronounced Keh-Beck
Traveler: What do you know?
Canadian:I'm from CANADA!
by spacedragonblue September 06, 2005
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The second largest country in the world is also the most social liberal country in the americas. Canada is commonly used to describe free spirits, amazing sex, amazing weed, and strong available anywhere beer and wine.
Holy shit I went to Canada and lost all my brain cells and sperm!
by vidnool August 18, 2004
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A large North American nation that should not hate the United States, and in turn, the United States should not hate Canada. Our two countries are supposed to be Allies; War of 1812 history be damned. They have fought on our side. For example, they joined the fray during the Korean War (1950-1953)
Why can't the US and Canada just get along? We are brothers, and we should act like we are brothers, too.
by The Midwestrn Soldier February 01, 2005
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