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A country with 1/6th of the economy of america, but 1/10th of the people. A lack of superior military. But we don't need the military, we aren't off starting wars or pissing people off. We are the country that invented peace keeping, the idea of middle powers and socialism. We are multicultured as opposed to the tried and failed melting pot theory (geez, hasnt worked in a few hundred years give it up!). We are a country with $600 billion debt as opposed to the states $600 trillion debt... you may have more toys and seemingly more money but eventually you have to pay it back. A country that promotes education and peace as opposed to war and hatred (for the record i dont blame americans, i blame your president) A country with a working political system, Hello, Bush didn't have the majority of the votes until florida anyway.. and doesnt his brother live there or something? A country with cheap beer good quality beer, fresh water, awesome hockey, and respect.
Canada kicks ass, eh?
by dEsTiNy-aka-Smurf September 05, 2003

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