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The largest and lonliest country in the world. Very cold in winter and very hot in summer (depending on where you live--like I said, it's big: one of our provinces is bigger than Europe).
We don't have interesting accents: most people think Canadians sound like Californians, but nobody knows why. We invented basketball and snowmobiles; we have a lot of rocks, trees and maple syrup.
A lot of Canadians like hockey even though lacrosse is the national sport.
And hey--we don't live in igloos. Seriously.
Canada almost never has wars (except sometimes when we help out the US). We like to keep the peace.
It's a bit boring but not a bad place to live.

Not to be confused with America.

And yes, we do have polar bears and Artic tundra and the North Pole around here somewhere. It's exciting, I know.
Canadian: I'm from Ontario
Foreigner: ...
Canadian: It's part of Canada.
Foreigner: Right! So do you know Avril Lavigne?
Canadian: No.
Foreigner: What about Bob, do you know--
Canadian: No. It's a big country.
by Jev3 July 10, 2008

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