Canada is a country where college kids go if they live too far from Mexico. It's considered nippy at -20 C, but not quite cold until we hit -40 C.
The term peace is not achieved through fighting but through actual peace. Despite the fact that Canada's military is constantly insulted by our Southern neighbours, some still complain that we don't help them out. A country where "God Bless Canada" is not proclaimed every five minutes because we are aware that not everybody follows one belief.
And the boys are still hot without the beer.
Canada is fun. You should do it too!
by Meg February 06, 2004
A great country, one of the best countries to live in.

Who cares about who is better. The United States and Canada are both great countries. Anyone who uses those stupid stereotypes should be taken out in the street and shot at.
The whole Canada vs. America shit is stupid, get a life.
by Roger September 03, 2003
The place where file sharing is still legal
"iTunes? What the hell is iTunes? Just go to Canada!"
by ViXXoR March 27, 2005
1) Where 14-year-old girls can walk home alone at 11:00pm.

2) Where Smarties and Tim Hortons live

3) Place where snow may fall in the Summer

4) Hella great place. :D
Pass me a serviette because I spilled my Poutine (Nastiest thing ever, by the way) on the Chesterfield!
by A Canadian August 06, 2004
-Friendly, very well liked and respected all over the world.
-We don't have enemies like the our neighbours to the south.
-We really don't have a military but that's okay because we're generally known for our peacekeeping.
-We aren't arrogant,and we don't feel the need to start unnecessary wars.
-Canadian Beer, #1.
-Crime is substantially less than that of the US.
-Hockey, the best damn sport there is, is what we live and breathe.
-Universal Healthcare.
-Beautiful natural scenery everywhere you look.
-You can experience so many different cultures because Canada is very multi-cultural.
-For almost a decade, Canada was ranked number one in the United Nation's Quality of Life survey.

Bottom line is, there is no where else in the world I'd rather live.
I'm so proud to live in this great country.
I love Canada, and so does everyone else.
by j0813 March 11, 2005
1) A country that is hated by few others.
2) A country made up of mostly Hockey lovers, but every country has their sport.
3) A safe, beautiful, mostly uninhabited place that has it's own currency, which is worth less than the United States' but cheaper merchandise is around the same price anyway.
I'm glad I live in Canada. Now excuse me while I go watch the game.
by Cybio November 18, 2003
A country of fine taste, sexy open women, great beer(which we can legally drink before we're halfway to 40), great weed(which we can smoke without fear) and a damn fine Hockey team. Despite our grudge against Americans(they got more hockey teams) deep down we owe you guys huge. Think about it, Canada-America=Poor People eating potatoes. We are just bitter about Dubya, thats all. Take our beef back, please. Our cows arent that mad! Stop starting wars though Americans, no one likes that. But lets be friends shall we. And we DID burn down the White House. It was British Officers using Canadian troops. But hey, you guys started it. Also, our accents are definatly a lot more ear pleasing then yours. You guys butcher the English language, no offense.
Heres an idea....lets just admit that we love each other. Go Leafs Go!!!
by Random Canadian November 30, 2004
The mysterious blank space at the top of American maps where snowstorms, cold fronts, maple syrup, hockey players and comedians come from.
"What state is Canada in?" (Nurse, San Antonio, Texas, October 2005)
#north america #neighbor #great white north #where? #mexico north
by Eugene206 August 25, 2006
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