A car often associated with white trash, but its first gen line is rarely associated with white trash as it eats mustangs and rice rockets all day/night long, yet cannot be parked in a shitty trailer driveway. First gen camaros are usually only owned by people over 40 with receding hairlines and a slight death wish. Chevolet defined the camaro as "a small vicious animal that eats mustangs"
Cop 1:Holy shit was that red blur a camaro?!?
Cop 2: Hell if I know, it pegged my radar!

Ricer:revs weedeater at streetlight FaAART!
Camaro: (pulls cutout lever) glug glug glug glug VROOOOOOOM,tires squeal, car is noweher to be found
Ricer: I need a bigger spoiler and more NOS stickers.
by Kenny_McCormic May 20, 2008
All joking aside, a pony car made by Chevrolet, which debuted in 1967, and ceased production in 2002, but has been brought back for the 2010 model year. The original run of cars were closely related with the Pontiac Firebird, which, starting w/the 3rd generation, not only continued to look similar, but started using the same powerplants and drivetrains.

It is famous for it's performance to dollar ratio, especially in the straightaways, and is only made fun of by elitist snobs who prefer to bash on the car for what it isn't, instead of appreciating what it is. Hell, they had to underrate the performance specs in the LS1 cars to prevent it from making the Corvette look bad.

However, old, rusted out 3rd gen models ARE notorious for falling into the redneck stereotype :)
Camaro sighting #1: Wow, check out that '69 SS Camaro that just flew by! badass!

Camaro sighting #2: Haha, look at that rusted out '82 Camaro. You can see the guy's mullet flapping out of the t-tops!
by FlightofIcarus March 21, 2010
A fuckin ugly ass vehicle. American made. The front is sharp points out made to look like a shark, a HELLA fugly handicapped demented shark. The ones that should be eaten fur lunch or dinner. Has a lot of torque but shitty handling and crappy emission bang for your buck. Crappy care to waste your money on.
Oh LOOK at ME!!!! I drive a camaro! That makes me like so cool dudes!
by SGT.PLOW January 30, 2008
quite possibly the white trashiest car know to man kind, discontinued in 2002 because its shit, a car purchased by poor ass rednecks because they can't afford a corvette
nick thinks everyone is staring at him in his camaro thinking hes the hottest thing since elvis, but they're really staring at the mysterious black smoke comming from the piece of shit wanna be sports car
by your mom July 05, 2004
An extremely pretty girl named after a car.
Dracula thinks Camaro is amazingly gorgeous.
by Mr. Vampire July 30, 2009
A wanna-be sports car discontinued by Chevrolet for being a piece of shit.
Look at Frank's Camaro. That piece of shit needs to be wrapped around a telephone pole.
by Stoop March 29, 2004
A gorgeous American car that's faster than greased lightning. If you're going forward, it's fast in a straight line. If you're turning, it's fast rolling on its side.
Bob, your new Camaro looks really nice there in my ditch. Improves my property value.
by Good Ole' Boy June 22, 2009
1968 Camaro is the most beautiful car that can be imagined other than a 1967; First car designed by Chevrolet using a wind-tunnel; usually referred to as a car driven by rednecks; usually referred to as a car owned by a guy with an inferioriy complex due to being small in stature or to having a small penis.
BMWGirl1- "Hey guy, I bet you have a dick the size of China-man's."

CamaroGuy1- Thinks to himself as he smiles and waves to Girl1: "Poor girl..."

Girlfriend of Guy1- Choking on the Camaro driver's 10-inch cock as she stretches her bare ass across the console she mumbles: "That bitch doesn't know what she is missing".
by melsie February 15, 2010
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