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4 definitions by melsie

1. The procedure used to verify the appropriate installation of protective atheletic gear for the groin commonly known as a "cup". The procedure may include using whatever sports equipment to administer the check in a rapid swinging motion.

2. A kick in the nuts.
My buddy Mitch is a cup check.
by melsie February 15, 2010
42 9
An exclamation useable in just about any situation to show delight, surprise, disgust, etc...
"Oh shit son, that is badass!"
by melsie February 15, 2010
34 7
1968 Camaro is the most beautiful car that can be imagined other than a 1967; First car designed by Chevrolet using a wind-tunnel; usually referred to as a car driven by rednecks; usually referred to as a car owned by a guy with an inferioriy complex due to being small in stature or to having a small penis.
BMWGirl1- "Hey guy, I bet you have a dick the size of China-man's."

CamaroGuy1- Thinks to himself as he smiles and waves to Girl1: "Poor girl..."

Girlfriend of Guy1- Choking on the Camaro driver's 10-inch cock as she stretches her bare ass across the console she mumbles: "That bitch doesn't know what she is missing".
by melsie February 15, 2010
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A device containing vinegar used for cleaning a dirty and/or smelly vagina. Dirty vagina could be caused by having excessive sexual conduct with one or many partners prior to showering. Smelly vagina could be caused by not washing a dirty vagina. Some vagina are just smelly and need a douche anyway.
Person1: Wow, Nick smells like vinegar or possibly a dirty vagina.

Person2: Yeah I think he is a douche.
by melsie February 15, 2010
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