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From ZZ Top song Tubesteak Boogie. To have a good fuck, Penis is dancing in her pussy.
Last nite I did the tubesteak boogie with her.
by Buffy October 12, 2004
A ho, who is your friend so you dont want to hurt their feelings. A margarin insult.
God damnit! You are such a hobiscus!
by Buffy May 09, 2004
Previously used as the adjective version of "tragedy," (n. rare, very seriously bad event, like a deadly earthquake). Now only used when shallowly judging someone else's social or fashion choices.
"Those pants are tragic."
by Buffy July 30, 2003
Porn Stars "Pwn Stars Rock the Socks"

I clan of very talented players who make it there mission to have a good time on CS , and as a bi-product are very cool, charismatic and sexy. Some people say they are mythical however #pwnstars on quaknet has revealed a cult flowing.
Yet again I get pwn'ed by a pwn star :)
Pwn Stars rock can I join your clan, / have your autograph.

Can I name my pet rabbit/cat/gold fish/house after you?
by Buffy April 25, 2005
The act of having sex with a female
I got some bomb ass pootnanny last night!
by Buffy March 29, 2004
One of the hottest American sports cars ever made. The only people who don't like this car are either mustang or rice rocket owners, who are just bitter that Camaros kick their cars' ass, while they eat dust. camaros kick ass.
Mustang owner: (crying) that Camaro kicked my ass and now i have to give that cool Camaro driver the title to my car because i was an arrogant fool and thought my piece-o-crap mustang could beat her Camaro.
by Buffy June 12, 2003
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