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Callum is someone you can always rely on. He will help you through life, and make you a better person. He won't understand why everybody loves him. But you will all know it is because he is purly perfect. When you see him your heart will jump, when you hold him you will never want to let go. He is someone you want to call your own, he is also someone you would lay with for eternity. Callum is someone amazing, the best, and no one will ever compare to him.
Girl1- "Did you see that's Callum?"
Girl2- "Yeah, he's mine. I'm so lucky."
Girl1- "Oh wow really? I wish I had a Callum like him."
by mrsbrightside. June 13, 2013
10 1
Callum is a Gaelic. : Disciple of Saint Columba. The name means of kings of Scotland.

The perfect man! Any women lucky enough to have one in her life, and should be forever grateful. They are known to be an amazing kissers. And are sensitive to a womens needs,wants and desires.

Callum will make any women feel like a Queen.

They always know just what to say to a women.

They are full of passion.

They are caring, thoughtful,romantic,cute,funny,amazing kissers,adorable,sensual,intelligent,erotic,handsome,always a gentlemen, will always put a smile on your face, great personality, and sexy as hell.

The only downside to knowing a Callum is you will not be able to resist him. Just looking into his eyes will have you hooked instantly. Just the thought of his gentle touch over your body, will have you so turned on, making your pussy so hot and wet, and horny, leaving a burning desire to have him right then and there. Your lips will be begging to taste every inch of his body.

However, when taught properly a Callum can make for a great man servant.
by Cal's Queen February 03, 2010
888 366
A Guy who has such a way with words that some people believe almost anything he says.
"Oh, your a right Callum!"
by Cc!xx August 27, 2008
694 407
Callum is a hot, awesome, bootaful person. He's sooooo good on stage and he listens to all my problems and is such a champ and whoever goes out with him is so lucky.
Love you baby, Meez
Callum is wikid! :-)
by Meez July 09, 2004
981 732
A man who does not realise what power he holds over women. Is often flitting between who he likes and who he loves. Someone who cannot be forgotten.
Why does he do that?" "Because he's callum."
by bad squishy June 27, 2010
316 175
A dangerous individual that holds grudge's and is a tormentor of anyone they hate, slightly psychotic.
Callum's likely to hunt you down, tie you to a tree and beat you with a piece of 2x4.
by Shifter KK October 06, 2009
432 295
the most amazing boy on the face of this earth;
his ability to make you laugh and smile is un-humanlike
he is also a very hot looking vampire and a very skilled guitar player.
boyfriend to ashli too :)
god he's such a- such a callum!!!!!
marry me!
by ashlii ambrosiia November 23, 2008
458 340
One of the most awesome people i know! Hes fit and hes a great mate. i dunno where i'd be without him. he is amazing and always there for you.
by Crazyfuck- penguin :P xx February 28, 2010
242 136