tend to eat cheese, live in sewers, a rat boy
guy1- is that a rat?
guy 2- na its jus callum
guy1- oh yeah
by Dragongirl15 July 21, 2010
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Callum is a tiny boy with tiny hands that can fit in a Fallopian tube.
He's tiny, his hands are Callum sized.
by Feedmethechicken123 January 23, 2017
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A generally nice person who bully's little kids on the bus, the blames it on them. He's funny and good at flirting-at times- and makes you laugh when needed. He claims to have a large penis but you never know? Callum's have Friday takeaway nights every Fridays which are extremely unhealthy! It would be nice if Callum's had six packs but you don't get anything these days. Callum's have nice hair and tends to be long-ish. They need to learn how to smile properly and have a better sense of humour. They are naturally crazy in the head and some may be mentally disordered. Overall, Callum's are great and nice to be around. They are good company and have similar interests to people. They are too tall though so shrink!
Callum ;)
by The unicorns truth October 23, 2013
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To describe a shitty, naked, alcohol filled, fat, sweaty experience.
"Fuck, I feel like a Callum"
"Don't touch it there, you get a right calluming"
"I've got a callum in my pants"
"Dr says he'll have to remove my callum"
by M@ & SPIKE March 17, 2006
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a verb, can also be 'to do a callum'

to go out with more than 3 people from the same group of friends.
'he's now done a callum'
'ooh hes such a callum'
by hindenburg January 11, 2008
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A boy that is slighty less then straight, Can also be known as Big Gay Cal.
Callum you like men

Callum = Gay
by Fat Boi March 31, 2008
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A very silly boy. Quite geeky, loves Harry Potter. Generally a creep. Anal about grammar. Avoidance recommended.
Nice nipples though.
1: I'm Callum
2: Ah, nice to meet you.. see you later
by RavioliFaceMan August 30, 2012
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