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2 definitions by madcunnttt

A truly madcore human being who prides himself on nothing more than waking up every morning and thinking, "Fuck, I'm, such a sick cunt".
Typically, this individual's mad skills are admired by his peers, who aspire to live in his shadow.
Guy#1: You seen that Callum?

Guy#2: Dude! Don't even say his name! We just call him 'God' around here.

Guy#1: Please dont tell him I said that.
by madcunnttt September 09, 2010
182 89
Any 'joke' that makes you feel a deep sense of regret after the punchline.
2 Typical Anti-Joke Scenarios:
Guy#1: Why did the plane crash?
Guy#2: I dunno
Guy#1: Because the pilot was a loaf of bread.
*Guy#2 Facepalms*

Guy#1: What did Batman say to get Robin in the Batmobile?
Guy#2: I dunno, what?
Guy#1: Get in the Batmobile!
*Guy#2 Slits his wrists*
by madcunnttt September 09, 2010
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