Sometimes when playing a female sport like volleyball, there is someone of questionable sexuality. Sometimes you refer to them as a "softball playa" but when there is no doubt, of said individual's slant , they are refered to as a Callan.

A callan can also be someone who is in love with a "steve"
Gah, I hate changing in front of that callan, she always stares at me.

Callan is in total love with steve, they would make a hot couple.
by Liz Sparrow September 20, 2007
1. An angry person who is constantly the centre of harrasment and jokes.
2. A dickhead
3. A semi-wasian. Although doesn't attempt to be one.
4. A retardedperson
a)Aahaha, that kid fell over..
b)It must be Callan
c)Ahahaha, you fell over, I shall name you callan
by icey71 July 30, 2004
my little brother, a retard
callan ya retard
by callans brother April 06, 2004
A dumbass who thinks my family is totally fobby, even though we aren't. Which is why he's a retard. And also irish. Furthermore, someone who's probably gay.
a.) Why doesn't Callan understand that we're not fobs? Stupid white boy.
b.) God, that guy's such a Callan.
c.) "Look at that flaming Callan!"
by Twinkie February 21, 2005
Callan can be both a boys name and a girls name.
Callan is a funny Ladd. He/she is very positive person and always looks out for others. Has lots of friends and can be quite silly and stupid. Does things for attention sometimes and never wants to be lonely. Always wants to have someone caring by there side. Never wants there friends to get hurt whether there going through good or bad.
Callan is amazing. They care for me so much and always helps me when I struggle.
by sloumort March 01, 2015

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